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Al Fresco – Estoril 

Located in one of the most beautiful areas of Portugal adjacent to the most famous casino in Europe  -  Estoril Casino.

AL FRESCO Estoril a refined restaurant with elegant decor coupled with an array of colourful styles, where you can enjoy the Italian cuisine in its appropriate art full environment.

While enjoying the cuisine you can equally enjoy the fantastic views of the Casino’s Gardens together with the lighting display of the fountains of the gardens of Estoril.    
Rua  de Lisboa, nº 5,2765-240 Estoril, Tel +351)  21 467 67 70 ,

Av. Alfredo César Torres
Apartado 49
2646 - 901 Alcabideche
Tel. +351 21 460 95 00
Fax +351 21 460 23 86