A memorable day of action against the clock marked the debut of the C1 Eurocup 2023 in Portugal, with the 3H+3H of Estoril. The iconic competition organized by Motor Sponsor and which brings together the exciting and irreverent C1 on the track, brought together, last weekend, a fabulous squad of 50 drivers at the Estoril Circuit to compete for victory in the PRO (10) and AM (6) classes.

An edition marked by races of extreme competitiveness and balance and by the fabulous atmosphere enjoyed among the entire trophy entourage, on and off the track, in a day in which the C1 Eurocup debuted the new Hospitality area, an absolute novelty in the competition created for the races national events with the aim of providing greater comfort and convenience to all participants, who now enjoy a space for rest and socializing with permanent soft catering available throughout all events held on Portuguese soil.

On the track, the action began with the timed training sessions held on Saturday morning, which reserved 1H on the clock for all competitors. A session that saw Central Mensageiro 88 record the best mark in PRO, on a weekend in which the team made its debut in the class. A feat equaled in AM by G’s Competizione, which presented itself with a new line-up of drivers.

The first of two 3H races was reserved for the afternoon, in a highly demanding event for the participants, with victory being awarded through the sum of the results of the Saturday and Sunday races, respectively.

Race 1 highlighted the fantastic balance that exists in the trophy, with the proximity of paces resulting in total unpredictability regarding the winner. A race in which in the PRO class the C1s of Central Mensageiro 88, Qualytent – Gianfranco Motorsport, Tzi Designs Racing Team and T3 Racing took the lead, staging a fabulous fight in the discussion for first place, being placed at the front after more than two hours of race. A memorable duel that would end up smiling at T3 Racing, followed by Central Mensageiro 88 and WallUp WoodLab, which would end up ascending to the top places in the final phase of the race. A race with equal balance in the middle of the field, where Team NB Klima and Monteiros Competições stood out, along with the Lumio Studios and Paint & Go structures. The Torres Racing Team ended up prematurely ending its participation in this journey, upon seeing the engine of your C1 giving way.

In AM it would be G’s Competizione to cross the target first, however, the team would end up having an inglorious outcome, with their C1 not passing the weigh-in control. This time, the first place went to Slow Motion, with OF Motorsport in second and Gianfranco Motorsport in third. A day that would end with technical checks on a total of 6 C1s. A control measure taken by the C1 Eurocup organization always with the aim of ensuring sporting rigor and truth, maxims by which the trophy is governed from the first hour. In the end, all C1s fully respected the technical regulations of the competition.

The Estoril 3H+3H decision was thus reserved for Sunday, with the decisive 3H on the clock of race 2. An event in which T3 Racing and Lumio Studios provided a good duel in the fight for victory, which was joined by Central Mensageiro 88 and Qualytent – Gianfranco Motorsport, which ran in first place. A race in which Central Mensageiro 88 would cross the finish line in front, followed by WallUp WoodLab and T3 Racing.

In the AM class, G’s Competizione, which ran in second place in the joint classification, would once again show the great progress demonstrated throughout the event, finishing race 2 in first place, with Slow Motion and Of Motorsport second and third, respectively.

According to the sum of the results of races 1 and 2, the victory in the PRO class in the 3H+3H of Estoril would be signed by Central Mensageiro 88, by João Silvestre, João Simões, Rui Simões and Pedro Alface, a team that would also win the class PRO-45. A triumph in which the Central Mensageiro 88 drivers highlighted: “It was our first weekend competing in PRO, our first pole position in the class and our first victory. Thank you very much to Central Mensageiro, on behalf of Paulo Leão, for everything. It was a spectacular weekend.”

In second place in the PRO was WallUp WoodLab, by Jorge Passanha, Pedro Antunes and Gonçalo Gaivão, a structure that also won the PRO +45. Third position in the PRO class was achieved by T3 Racing, owned by Pedro Alves, Francisco Araújo, Filipe Ferreira, first classified in PRO -30.

In the AM class, the triumph in the 3H+3H at Estoril was achieved by Slow Motion, by Eduardo Rodrigues and Tiago Amorim, a structure that also won the AM +45. In the end, Tiago Amorim said: “It was a very tough weekend, the car was slow, but we managed to have a good strategy.