This Saturday, the Circuito do Estoril  was full of fans in the stands and paddock, creating the perfect setting for the Cascais Racing Weekend, which marks the start of the Portuguese 1300, Classics, Legends and Super Legends Championships. The competitions are organized by ANPAC (Classic Car Drivers Association) and this will be the first of five rounds to be held between April and October

Photo: ANPAC

Alongside these, and as part of a joint programme, the first Porsche Sprint Challenge Iberica race promoted by P21 Motorsport should also be highlighted.

Saturday morning was dedicated to free training, followed by timed training after a lunch break. Closing the day, the first race of the weekend for the Porsche Sprint Challenge Iberica.

Photo: Mário Pinto

The Portuguese Velocidade 1300 Championship has a new category – Stock Up – in which aficionados and lovers of the sport will find great glories built between 2003 and 2008 on the grid and on the track, with atmospheric engines up to 1400cc.

This increases the number of categories of the Portuguese Championship 1300 to 7 – Category 1 ANPAC Challenge (Punto Challenge, Starlet Challenge and National Group 1); Category 2 (Classics until 1971); Category 3 (Classics until 1975); Category 4 (Classics up to 1981); Category 5 (Legends 85/90/99); Category 6 (Stock Cup) and Cup 1000 (all vehicles up to 1050 cm3).

The Portuguese Classics Championship has Category 1 (H65); Category 2 (H71); Category 3 (H75); Category 4 (H81); Category 5 (H85); Category 6 (Gr.5); Category 7 (Gr. 1/3).

The Portuguese Legends Championship includes the Legends 90 categories; Legends 99; Legends Trophy; Legends 1600 Cup (which groups the L90, L99 and Trophy cars up to 1600 cm3); Legends Cup 2000 (L90, L99 and LTrophy cars up to 2000 cm3).

Photo: Nuno Organista

The Portuguese Super Legends Championship includes the Honda Civics from the TypeR Legacy Cup; Super Tourism; Super Trophy 2000; Super Trophy +2000 and Super Extra.

Cascais Racing Weekend has a “live stream” on Sunday, April 14th, on ANPAC’s social networks.

Circuito Estoril