A long and very competitive 250km to complete on the Circuito Estoril route in a single 2-hour race.

A true test of the reliability of the beloved machines of other times in a mythical race to close the season in which the best spirit of endurance with 4 shifts of driving, refueling and a lot of strategy promises a great party on and off the track, with a symbolic departure at the Le Mans style, fireworks and the end of year gala at the end.

The Estoril round is particularly special as it allows you to experience all the sensations of an endurance race: driving each car can be shared between two to four drivers, with driving shifts and refueling moments. To further enhance the experience, the last hour of the race is held at nightfall, with the lights on, in the style of a 24-hour race like Le Mans or SPA.

Circuito Estoril