With eyes set on the weekend of April 27/28, the date of the Campeonato Nacional de Velocidade first run through the Estoril Circuit, April 20 wiil be, for pilots and bikes, the final chance to run competition tests before the first battle. On the track and throughout the day, this will be the last opportunity for final adjustments. The Estoril circuit tests run includes the categories of TLC Trophy, Naked Bikes, Moto4, Moto5, CDM1, CDM2, SBK, STK and SSP300.



SUPERBIKE: #75 – Ivo Lopes
SUPERSTOCK 600: #10 – Pedro Fragoso
SUPERSPORT 300: #16 – Dinis Borges
85GP/MOTO4: #7 – Alexandre Cabá
MIR MOTO5: #20 – Lourenço Vicente


Circuito Estoril