Continuing Saturday’s performance, Pedrinho Matos, reigning champion in Moto4, set once again on Sunday morning the fastest timed lap around the Estoril circuit in 2.01.735, a time with which he grabbed pole for second test day.

When the lights went out, Matos, with an impeccable start, took the lead where he would remain until the checkered flag. An excellent start to the season for the current National Champion, who thus makes his intentions very clear, ensuring full success and the first points in the championship.

Also maintaining Saturday’s performance, Alexandre Cabá closed Sunday’s timed session with his Beon150, 1.015s behind his rival Matos, starting from second place on the grid. This was also his position when crossing the final line as the young driver showed no arguments to rival Matos. Accumulating seconds with each lap, Cabá would grab the middle spot on the podium, more than 13 seconds behind the winner, but with his eyes glued to the rear view mirrors watching Gonçalo Melo take third at just 0.064. These would be the final positions considered in the 8th of 10 laps due to the red flag shown to the riders due to the fall of young rider Guilherme Moreira (Moto5) in turn 4 at Estoril.

Meanwhile, in Moto5 the course of the race was similar. Lourenço Vicente was the isolated leader from start to finish, winning unopposed and finishing 4th overall. Martim Lourenço would be 2nd and Martim Patrício would climb to the lowest spot on the podium.