The company’s management is guided by compliance with current legislation and regulations, seeking to adapt and begin implementing the necessary instruments.

The governing bodies operate under legal terms, verifying the necessary and legal separation of powers in their structuring.

A Code of Ethics is being prepared.

Principles of Good Government Recommendations Degree of Compliance
Mission, Objectives and General Principles of Operation Fulfill the mission and objectives that have been determined in an economic, financial, social and environmentally efficient manner, meeting demanding quality parameters, seeking to safeguard and expand its competitiveness, with respect for the principles of social responsibility, sustainable development, service public and to satisfy the needs of the community that have been set for it;
Prepare activity plans and budgets appropriate to the resources and sources of financing available, taking into account the fulfillment of the missions and objectives with which these companies have been entrusted;
Define sustainability strategies in the economic, social and environmental domains, identifying, for this purpose, the objectives to be achieved and explaining the respective planning, execution and control instruments;
Adopt equality plans, after a diagnosis of the situation, aimed at achieving effective equality of treatment and opportunities between men and women in companies, eliminating discrimination and allowing the reconciliation of personal, family and professional life;
Inform, annually, the members of the Government and, when applicable, the services and bodies of the Public Administration that exercise the power of supervision or the shareholder function, and the public in general, of the way in which their mission was pursued, of the degree of compliance of its objectives, the way in which the policy of social responsibility, sustainable development and the terms of public service were fulfilled and in what terms its competitiveness was safeguarded. Comply with current legislation and regulations;
Treat your workers with respect and integrity, actively contributing to their professional development;
Treat all its customers and suppliers and other holders of legitimate interests fairly. In this context, the company must establish and publicize the procedures adopted regarding the acquisition of goods and services and adopt award criteria guided by principles of economy and effectiveness that ensure the efficiency of transactions carried out and equal opportunities for all interested parties qualified to the effect;
Conduct your business with integrity, formalize it appropriately and cannot incur confidential or undocumented expenses;
Have or adhere to a code of ethics, which encompasses demanding ethical and deontological behaviors, disseminating it to all employees, customers, suppliers and the general public;
Administration and Supervision Structures Have accounts audited annually by independent entities, as long as the company is larger or more complex;
The management body must create and maintain a control system appropriate to the size and complexity of the company, in order to protect the company’s investments and its assets. Such a system must cover all relevant risks assumed by the company;
Remuneration and other rights Annual disclosure of the total remuneration (fixed and variable) earned by each member of the management body, executive and non-executive and the supervisory body;
Annual disclosure of other benefits and perks (health insurance, use of a vehicle and other benefits granted by the company);
Prevention of conflicts of interest Members of corporate bodies must refrain from intervening in decisions that involve their own interests, namely in the approval of expenses incurred by them;
Declaration, by the members of the corporate bodies, at the beginning of each mandate, and whenever justified, to the management body and the supervisory body, as well as to the General Inspectorate of Finance, any important equity interests they hold in the company, as well as relevant relationships they maintain with their suppliers, customers, financial institutions or any other business partners, which may generate conflicts of interest;
Disclosure of Relevant Information SEE website, namely updated statutes, summary company file, company identification (mission, objectives, company policies, public service obligations to which the company is subject, contractual terms of public service provision and financing model underlying the provision public service), Identification of members of the Company’s governing bodies, Remuneration Statute (value/month), Remuneration and other benefits (annual values), Information regarding PBG; n.a.
Company Website, namely Corporate Governance, Financial Information (Reports and Accounts);
Include in the Management Reports and Accounts a point relating to Corporate Governance, mentioning Mission, Objectives and Policies, Governance Model and identification of Governing Bodies, Remuneration of members of Governing Bodies, Internal and External Regulations (summary reference to the regulations in question, with presentation of the most relevant and most important aspects), Information on relevant transactions with related entities, Sustainability analysis, Assessment of the degree of compliance with PBG, Code of Ethics