Estoril closes CNV season

  • João Curva closes CNV in the TLC and Naked Bikes Trophy with an impressive victory
  • Alexandre Cabá with a one-two finish in a perfect weekend in MOTO4.
  • Lourenço Vicente repeats victory in MOTO5
  • Rafael Ribeiro takes victory overall and in CDM2
  • Aguiar wins among CDM1
  • Ricardo Marinho with perfect weekend in SBK
  • Gonçalo Ribeiro strongest in STK
  • Borges with double victory at the end of the season



João Curva closes CNV in the TLC and Naked Bikes Trophy with an impressive victory


Second day of competition with the CNV’s last pass through the Estoril Circuit with the TLC Trophy and Nekad Bikes opening the sporting afternoon. With unstable weather conditions also being part of the equation, the TLC and Naked Bikes squad lined up for the 2nd and final race. In Pole Position again Frédèric Bottoglieri with Raul Felgueiras and João Curva sharing the front row of the grid. Yesterday’s winner Ricardo Almeida lined up again in 5th position for the match. Paulo Vicente (2nd overall yesterday), and Luís Franco (3rd overall yesterday), lined up in 8th and 4th position on the grid. Clean start for the 10 laps to be completed with Bottogliere taking over the expenses of the race with João Curva and Luís Franco in pursuit. Intense fight at the front of the race with the first three running with minimal differences and exchanges of position between Curva and Bottogliere for the lead. Despite the struggles of Frédèric, Cuva and Franco, the three drivers at the front managed to distance themselves from the others and it was natural that on the 3rd lap the gap to 4th overall, Daniel Franco, was already greater than 7s.

In a race with 7 classes on the track, there was no shortage of reasons for interest in other fights. With 5 of the 10 laps completed, Rodrigo Amaral and Augusto Machado were discussing 9th and 10th place and the leadership among the Open. André Capitão, the only rider in SBK, was riding in 16th place. Among the SS, Raúl Felgueiras dominated, running in 8th place with the men of his class in 20th place. It was precisely at this stage that João Curva overtook his two rivals, Bottoglieri and Franco, to never give up the lead until the checkered, João Curva won overall and also among TNB1 with authority, opening more than 14s to Bottoglieri, 2nd overall and more of 29s for Franco, 3rd overall.

Regarding classes, Curva, Franco and Paulo Vicente (7th overall), make up the TOP3 in TNB1. Bottoglieri, Daniel Coelho and Romain Berton are the men to stand out in TNB2. In the Open class, Carlos Pinheiro wins with his 9th place overall, followed by Bernardo Vilar (10th) and Augusto Machado (11th). Domination by Raul Felgueiras (8th), in the SS with Márcio Silva (14th), and Gustavo Pinheiro (19th) and complementing the first three. Lonely in SBK, André Capitão wins the class having finished in 17th place overall.


Alexandre Cabá with a one-two finish in a perfect weekend in MOTO4

Lourenço Vicente repeats victory in MOTO5


Contrary to Alexandre Cabá’s dominance, it was Lourenço Vicente who took pole position for the 2nd race of MOTO4, MOTO5. With 2:28.161s, Vicente left Cabá 0.305s behind for the fastest time. Guilherme Moreira would be 3rd fastest. Once the race was launched, Cabá took the lead and quickly opened up an advantage over the others with Vicente hot on his heels. On lap 4, Vicente suffers a crash in Turn 1, but given his huge advantage over the Clube Motorizado do Troço driver, Tiago Martins. Vicente recovered his bike and returned to the track, all without losing his position, 2nd overall. With 5 of the 10 laps completed, Cabá led with more than 57 seconds of advantage over Vicente and more than a minute over Tiago Martins. Without any occurrences, everything indicated that the winner had been found.


However, in terms of classes, Cabá was leading with Tiago Martins being 2nd in MOTO4. Vicente, Carneiro and Freire were the highlights in MOTO5, positions that would not change until the end. Checkered flag with Alexandre Cabá adding another overall and MOTO 4 victory to his achievements and leaving Vicente more than a minute and a half behind. Vicente would be 2nd and win among MOTO5. At the bottom of the podium, Tiago Martins also in MOTO4.



Rafael Ribeiro takes victory overall and in CDM2

Aguiar wins among CDM1


After recording the fastest lap and victory yesterday, Ruben Macuá (CDM2) was only 7th overall on the starting grid for Race 2 of the Dunlop Motoval Cup, however the ZX10 driver would not take part. Pole was in the hands of Nelson Cruz (CDM2), who shared the front row with Rafael Ribeiro (CDM2), who had withdrawn yesterday, and Ricardo Rodrigues (CMD1). Clean start with discussion of the lead when braking for turn 1 with an advantage for Nelson Cruz. The Moto Galos rider thus took 1st position, but with Ribeiro and Aguiar riding close to the back of his R1. Once again an intense fight for the front positions with differences of less than 1s between the top 3. With half the race completed, Bernardo Aguiar, running in 3rd position overall, was leading among the CDM1, but with Ricardo Rodrigues (CDM1), “filling the mirrors” of his R6. Among the CDM2, Ribeiro was in the lead after overtaking Cruz at the exit of the “SS”, with Cruz and Carlos Oliveira (6th overall at this time) closing the TOP3.

In a phase of the race full of uncertainty, Ribeiro and Cruz would begin a “game of musical chairs” until the finish line, with Cruz attacking and Ribeiro defending his lead. Bernardo Aguiar followed behind the two, just over 3s, watching closely for any mishaps from his rivals. And it was precisely one of those moments that would dictate changes when on the 9th of 10 laps, Cruz suffered a run-off on the inside parabolic, handing the victory to Ribeiro. Cruz would finish the race in 8th and last. Main beneficiary, Aguiar, who rose to 2nd overall, but with Ricardo Rodrigues trying everything to achieve that position. However, Aguiar was very strong under braking, which allowed him to grab the middle of the podium. Rafael Ribeiro closes the season with an impressive victory with Aguiar and Rodrigues and closes TOP3. By classes, in CDM2, the TOP3 is made up of Rafael Ribeiro, Alexandre Suati and Carlos Oliveira, respectively 5th and 6th overall. Among the CDM1 drivers, Bernardo Aguiar wins with Ricardo Rodrigues (3rd overall), and Manuel Junqueiro (4th overall), making TOP3.



Ricardo Marinho unopposed from SBK

Gonçalo Ribeiro loses in STK


Romeu Leite lined up on pole for the 2nd CNV Superbikes and Superstock 600 race. With 2:04.681s the Yamaha R1 rider was imperial, leaving Miguel Romão more than 5s behind in 2nd position on the grid. In 3rd place Ricardo Marinho. Intense race with Ricardo Marinho, Miguel Romão and Romeu Leite fighting for the lead from the start. The advantage would go to Ricardo Marinho who quickly opened a gap of almost 3s to Romão. Later, Leite was 11s behind the lead on the 12th lap. Among the STK men, Gonçalo Ribeiro, running 4th overall, led the class, with Tomás Silva and Isaac Rosa in a two-man fight following Ribeiro.


In chess, Marinho continued yesterday’s performance and won again overall, being the best among SBK. Miguel Romão climbed to the middle of the podium and was also 2nd in SBK. The lowest on the podium was signed by Romeu Leite, who closed the TOP3 of SBK. Among the STK, Gonçalo Ribeiro was the strongest, being 4th overall, soon followed by Tomás Silva and Isaac Rosa, 5th and 6th overall and entering the TOP3 of the class.



Borges with double victory at the end of the season


Last race of the weekend to fully close the CNV season with this last trip to Estoril. After yesterday’s impressive victory, Dinis Borges took pole position again for the last race of the SSP300. By his side Miguel Garcia and Vasco Camoesas. Dinis Borges would once again be the main figure of the day. After yesterday’s victory and winning Pole for race 2, the Rame Moto Racing rider once again set his pace and led from the start to a perfect weekend and end of the season. The main opposition came from the Akkoil Racing Team driver, Martim Garcia, who, never having any arguments to discuss the lead, always remained within a short distance of Borges. Naturally, Garcia would take 2nd place overall. After an intense fight and some changes of position between Martim Jesus and Vasco Camoesas, this time 3rd place overall and the consequent climb to the bottom of the podium would be in the hands of Vasco Camoesas who managed to overtake Martim Jesus at the end of the last lap.

A final mention for the only participant in PREMOTO3, Adelino Machado who won his class being 7th overall at the finish line.

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